Tenants Need to Know

Resident Overview

Thank you for choosing to rent a property through us. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of residential services. Please let us know when you have questions or need assistance with your home. Feel free to contact us at information@bigtproperties.com or maintenance@bigtproperties.com for general questions. In case of emergency, please text or call Lena at 703-677-0014 or Torge at 571-286-0926. See below for some quick and valuable information. Please select from the following:

Basic Tenant Responsibilities and How To Information

Tenants have the responsibility of maintaining the home properly and the upkeep of general landscaping. Below are some basic items that you should know.

Know how to turn off your water

(BEFORE an emergency pops up!)

Most plumbing fixtures have a local shut-off valve. For toilets, it’s a little silver knob on the wall underneath the tank. Another common place to turn off your water is underneath the sink or next to the water heater. Many washing machines have a knob in the wall directly behind them. In some cases there will be a switch at the panel labeled “pump”. You can also check with your HOA for water shutoff information. It is extremely important to shut off your water in any water emergency. The quicker you get it shut off, the less damage will be done not only to the home but to your own personal belongings. If in doubt, please contact us to locate shut-off options.

Replace the air filters in your furnace

Google your furnace make and model and find out how to locate your filters. Either write down the number or take one along to your home improvement store and get replacements. Doing this once a year will save you big money on your heating bills.


Block your vents (leave two open on opposite sides for cross-draft) on the outside of your home during the winter. Many homes have covers that you can pull down or you may purchase the styrofoam block covers at your home improvement store. Also, turn off your outside faucets (water turn-off for these is generally on the inside part of the wall where the fixture is located) and cover so the pipes don’t freeze in the winter. Styrofoam covers for faucets also available at your home improvement store.


Open the vents back up around your house, uncover faucets and turn water back on. Put away your styrofoam so you don’t have to buy it again next year.


Keep your lawn trimmed and water responsibly. Do not do it in the heat of the day as this will make your water bill high and most of it will evaporate. Keep the house gutters clear of leaves and debris.

Most of the above are common sense – but if in doubt, Google is your friend. If you have further questions or need help with maintenance, please email maintenance@bigtproperties.com.
For all emergencies, please call or text Lena Frank at 703-677-0014, or Torge Dennen at 571-286-0926.